Poser Daz3d Elf Moonshine Scene

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Elves making Moonshine! Moonshiner-eleves!Moonshine? Illegal untaxed Booze? Really? I guess some of Santa's off-duty elves have started a hidden backwoods business. Moonshine mash-whiskey. Here we see Pookie-Elf enduring her shift, watching the still in modest sobriety. She prefers beer to whiskey, plus might agree to entertain you noisily, wetly, rather than to shoot or imprison you! Maybe. The hair is Pookie (see my Akemi Elef scene upload). the top and shorts are in this upload. The slippers are not (are Veranil for VAGE4). The bottle drinking is in my Kitchen Elf Scene.
As always, the EXE files have been expanded & recompressed as 7Z (7zip.org). If you see a Runtime_DS.7z, that is the DAZ Studio files. All modules will include SOME, if not ALL of the promo images. So download what you wish; not what you don't wish.
- Enjoy Summer 2 for VAGES4: simple booby-covers with 7 textures.
- Sarah B2B for VEGES4: a nice singlet, undershirt, or wife-beater (as you prefer) with about a dozen textures.
- CutOff JeanZ for VAGES4: short sexy jean cutoffs, with holes. They do fit well and pose well.
- Boxer Shorts for V4 only: boxers? Without extra textures, so what you see is what you get. I'd assume for simple poses. it could be tweaked to fit other morphs, and other cloth textures.
- Garbage Pile: strewn junk for a vacate lot ... or a backwoods hovel
- Moonshine still: the sharecg prop which triggered this upload! The fire doesn't seem to be included. Check out my Space Elf torrent, the Jepes Steamz for a flame prop you can use. Be warned, some of the glassware in this scene have ridiculous render times! I'd suggest using the material-room to convert any bottles or glass to stock Poser glass.
- cars: these were (once upon a time) on sharecg by a user named Dalmatiner, who at one time put out 1 or 2 vehicles per week. He's now gone, and his models have been deleted. I've included Challenger, VW Beetle, Chevy Fleetline, and Ford Sunliner.
- SmashIt: a variety of props you can see explode or shatter. Read the docs carefully, or it won't do anything for you!! Read-The -F**k'n-Manual.
- Davo's Studio B, Lower Level: cages and industrial bondage. Suitable for a moonshiner's cabin? Hobby? Extra income?
- Davo's Downstairs: Hmmm, more cages ... more fun.
- DM Jail: a jail cell with bunk. I guess the MoonShining Elves are jealous of their secrets.
- old/original Kidnapper's Cabin: Poser4/V3 era cabin in the woods. Perhaps Davo's launch point? He's put out a remix a year or two ago, but I don't have that. A collection of MT5 style materials suitable for cars. Probably Poser only?
- Cult Car Polish: the name says it all - mats to make your cars shine: candy apple and other gleamers.
- Lux Leather: diverse smooth and patterned leather finishes for your interiors
- Pd-Metals: a collection of metals based on material and quality, scales, chain-link and others.
- Magic Metals Normal: more metals, but more tarnished or damagedNOT INCLUDED IN THIS TORRENT: If you wish an rustic outdoor scene, old buildings, junk trash, check out DryJack's gallery at sharecd.comhttp://www.sharecg.com/pf/full_uploads.php?pf_user_name=janglingjackNOT INCLUDED IN THIS TORRENT: if instead of a hot car you want a common aged pickup truck, see this torrent:
Check out the five torrent links in the first COMMENT of this torrent. They include 3 separate women-at-work sets with props, and all include hot-pants and small tops ... perhaps what you wish your moonshine elves to wear? NOT INCLUDED IN THIS TORRENT: someone asked for an older truck, so here is another upload of an old 1930's pickup with some rusty textures:
Poser Daz3d Elf Moonshine Scene/Props/Garbage Pile/Garbage Pile.7z 115.229 MB
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Poser Daz3d Elf Moonshine Scene/Scenes/Downstairs/Downstairs.7z 30.02 MB
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